<strong>Chetelat's lab</strong>

Chetelat's lab

Meditation Mental training for stress reduction and emotion regulation through meditation practice appears as a promising alternative to improve mental health and well-being in ageing...
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Subjective Cognitive Decline
Subjective cognitive decline Why studying SCD in the context of Alzheimer’s disease?One of the main challenges in AD research is to detect the disease as...
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Hippocampal subfields
Hippocampal subfield Hippocampal atrophy is well-known as an early biomarker of AD, but it lacks specificity as it is also observed in many different situations...
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Lifestyle IN BRIEF The Lifestyle research group aims at understanding the brain mechanisms underlying the effects of lifestyle factors from normal aging to Alzheimer’s disease dementia. To...
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Multimodal NeuroImaging
Multimodal NeuroImaging Why multimodal neuroimaging?Multimodal imaging provides a unique opportunity to investigate the temporal and topographical relationship between distinct pathological variables, and thus improve our...
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Lab members
- Team Leader - Gaëlle Chetelat I am very proud to lead this fantastic team, to see all the different characters, cultures, backgrounds and functions...
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